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Quality Service for all makes of:
Outdoor Power Equipment
    Small Engines
        Lawn and Garden Power Tools
            Small Tiller controlled Outboards
                Construction Equipment
                    Generator Specialist
Repair and Rebuild all:
                Starter Generators
                    DC Motors
Portable Heaters
See a List of the kinds of things we have repaired.  or  Photos From The Shop

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Contact Information

VanDervort Repair & Rebuild               

185 Shady Hill Road

Apalachin, NY 13732

E mail address: General Manager



Web address:

Office phone 607-625-4658   FAX number 801-858-2799

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What We Do

Quality Service for all makes of:
Outdoor Power Equipment - We are an Authorized Service center for over 50 Manufactuers ( see the line card )
    Small Engines
        Lawn and Garden Power Tools
            Small Tiller controlled Outboards
                Construction Equipment
                    Generator Specialist

Portable Heaters

We Rebuild and Repair or Replace Rotary DC Electrics such as:
        Starters and Generators
            Starter Generators
               DC Motors

Replacements usually beat your local parts store price for a rebuilt unit with our New unit prices

  Electrical Rebuilders Assoc.

ERA Website provides information we use everyday.

High Output Alternators

Replace your existing Alternator with a high output unit built for your application.

We have many options both off the shelf & tailored to your needs.  >  > >       High Output or Woofer

 Photo's of Past Projects

Small Engine Parts & Service, Lawn & Garden Parts & Service

We participate in many forms of training from many Manufacturers

 Our Training and Information Resources are a huge requirement and asset

Some Training resources You may wish to visit.

Parts & Service are available for most Small Engines.

 Just a Tranny

Over 425,000 part numbers in Our Database (line card) plus a whole lot more!


Chrome Alternators & Starters & Kits 

Generators & Starter Generators   Chrome      

See the Line card Links  for information by manufacturers we Repair & Rebuild. We have catalogs covering many applications back to 1910!


Starters require special care to provide the desired work. Some can be modified for better than original torque. We can offer you the options you can't get elsewhere.

DC Motors

Lift motors, Hydraulic Pumps, and many other items are available new, exchange, Rebuilt or Repaired.

Map To Find Us

This page provides a map to find us for our local customers:  >  >  >  Map To Us


Stereo & Woofer Power

Learn what must be done to be successful and keep it running! Go to  >  >  >  > High Output or Woofer

Marine, RV's, ATV's, Snowmobiles, and other Specialty Motors/Generators, Alternators & Starters

So many manufacturers have nailed you to the wall with their price suggesting they are the only source, so take it or leave it! Well we and many other suppliers are breaking these doors down and providing another option for you that you can live with! Some examples are a Yamaha bike starter selling for $425.00 from the dealer and $185.00 from us!


Outboard Motor Repair ( we limit ourselves to tiller controlled 10 HP or less ).    

Line Card & Information by Each Manufacturer


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Hot Links

Line Card

 Map To Us

Judy's Framed Memories ( Quilling Artist ) 

Brother Cliff's Auto Service in Town: VanDervort Service Center (754-4644)

Brother Brent's Street Rod Custom Parts: Fat Man Fabrications

Free Energy - Yes it is Real - A great site to Re-Educate 

A great Introduction On Free Energy from the above Link Paper

Our Local Monthly Community Paper

Lawn and Garden Dealer's Association
NorthAmericanEquDealerAgricultureSalesTaxRules Amalgamated Transit Union - ( National)
Amalgamated Transit Unit Local 1145 Serving Greater Broome County
BC Transit
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Service Advisories


What's New in regulation and how does it effect you!

Learn tips for Equipment & Engine Storage (North country called "Winterization") - Storage

How to start a Tecumseh engine that has a primer bulb - A method that works! - TECUMSEH Primer

Learn about fuel changes (  Learn about Ethanol   ) and how to solve the most common Won't Start complaints due to water. 

We have adopted a "Bad Gasoline" Policy Which Saves Every Customer money  but you need to pick an option.

Broome county Policy for HomeOwners: Recycling Hazardous Waste In Broome County  

And Tioga County: How to dispose of household waste ( and Gasoline) in Tioga County

Service Information by OEM and Manufacturer's Web Page reference : Line Card 

All about Charging System Regulation

General Other Service Advice: Service Advice - Other
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Personal Interests

If you would like to share information on the following topics, I'm ready to learn & listen:

  1. Access Database work ( THANKS to Poor Support by COREL I switched from Paradox which was great while Borland had it's care! )
  2. Automotive Electrical Rebuilding APRA Electrical Rebuilders Exchange
  3. High Output Alternators
  4. Starter and Alternator Rebuilding
  5. Resource Recovery
  6. Database Web Servers that work with small business and Access
  7. Small Engine Repair Outdoor Power Equipment  Power Equipment Trade
  8. Creationism
  9. Scientology
  10. Evolution
  11. Christianity
  12. E Business
  13. Aviation / A& P Mechanics / Repair Shops
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Biographical Information

VanDervort Repair & Rebuild
Owner: Judy A. VanDervort

Manager: Raymond S. VanDervort

Quality ...... Service........ Proven ......... Satisfaction ............ Earned Loyalty............

We Service what others only Sell!

44 years of experience, immeasurable rejects, commendable record keeping, small & responsive to our customers.

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FAQ - Read and SUBMIT Questions and Answers

Please send me mail telling me what you think about this page and how I might improve any aspect of our business. It is a work in progress and would like to know of any parts you'd like to have working better now.

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