VanDervort Repair and Rebuild is involved in TRAINIING!
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Small Engine and Outdoor Power Equipment training is required from some of the over 70 Companies we provide Factory Warranty for.
We also participate in other training. Some on-line Public sources are listed here as links, but Google has so many more!:

Small Engine:
Basic How to Repair Small Engines
How To Clean the Carburetor
Engine Won't Start Basic Diagnostics
Fluid Test Diagrams

Outdoor Power Equipment:
Peerless ( Div of Tecumseh back then) Drive Systems Tech Manual

Bosch Virtual Garage Diagnostics and repair with a chalenge! (not free)
Spark Plug Operation and Firing design issues.

Delco Remy Voltage Drop test for cable and connection problems.
Training on devices of Generators and Welders
Broad Electrical Training by Coyne - over 600 pages.
Transpo Regulator Tester Training Manual
Delco Spec and Seection Guide 2008
Delco Diagnostic Guide
Prestolite Training Manual
Armature Growler Tests page one
Armature Growler Tests page two
Armature Growler Page 3 and Field Tests
Battery State of Charge by Voltage
Bussman Fuse Catalog and information
Carbon Brush Tecnical Info
How to select Carbon Brushes
Commutator Patina - Diagnostics by visual appearance
Commutator Surface Maintenance
CAN, LIN, FlexRay, J1939, AUTOSAR Serial Bus Systems
Fastener Technical Reference