Payment & Policies Information for VanDervort Repair & Rebuild.


When you read most firm’s pages conveying their policies or “fine print” for return and doing business, it would seem as though “Buyer Beware” come to mind with every sentence. We are here to make all past customer’s happy if possible, so that everyone they talk to becomes a prospective customer.


First YOU CAN CONTACT US AT 607-625-4658.




Thirdly, A/P, A/R & the owner ( Judy VanDervort ) may be reached at .


Fourth, the shop, which may take a while to reach the perspective individual: .


Finally, our FAX: is 801-858-2799.


Since we have many sources of supply, our policies mimic those of our suppliers, plus any enhancements we are able to handle. When any issue of dissatisfaction occurs, you talk, we listen and hopefully we provide a solution that works for you, period. I am able to provide the time it takes to handle these matters properly because they simply don’t happen very often. I work hard on the front end of our business so that the tail end goes smoothly!


We can accept all the common forms of payment, name your choice. We do reserve the right to allow checks time to “Clear” as we deem necessary and all prices and information is subject to change.

Credit cards and Labor Rates




A word on competitor’s “Life Time Warrantees”.

If you read the fine print of all “Life Time” warrantees, you will find limitations. The most common warrantee limits are combined into “While you own… and will replace “Once” in the life..”.


I don’t know how many times someone has brought us a starter or alternator that had a life time warrantee, had been replaced shortly after purchase, still having a problem, tried and may or may not have succeeded in further support under the lifetime warrantee, but end up coming to us to resolve the issue for them. Just yesterday one customer brought us a “Top of the Line - Platinum” rebuild by the most respected and largest rebuilder in the business that was junk. In our discussion, “Alan” directed us to modify it into a higher torque starter for his high performance engine. That starter required an armature to even function “normal”, let alone fall into a “Top of the Line” rebuild by our standards. It is evident the armature and then the starter never got tested or the dead short would have been detected. The short was caused by poor workmanship, and was detected visually by us before it was even electrically tested. WE are not a high production shop, we don’t fall asleep on your project, period. If we or our supplier causes a problem in our product, you have recourse, and not “Once”. Some “Rebuilders” give this industry a bad name by being merely core washers and boxers. One in our area has been reported by three of his customers as having a 50% return rate. I know this because I was trying to take over the supply of units to these customers but they insisted I stand behind his rejects to allow a smooth transistion and single source. Our reject rate is LESS THAN 1%, and holding steady. I told these parts houses when they have lost there customer because of your supplier’s poor performance to send me their customer.


It’s simple. Treat your customer’s with respect and quality and listen and they will come back.

A Few Words About Warranty