a few words about Warranty in general and at VanDervort Repair & Rebuild

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Companies have their warranty methods: Most solicit Service Centers to perform warranty in local vicinities and hope to provide coverage locally. At times we will get a call to be listed for warranty as they review our website and call us. We are authorized for over 100 companies. Not all do well on warranties but always bring us new customers. We wish this event with a new customer to be good, but it takes an effort on our part to detail how things work and what to expect and most importantly what we cannot answer - what the Company will pay.
As related to our effort:
As stated already,
Since we have many sources of supply, our policies mimic those of our suppliers, plus any enhancements we are able to handle. When any issue of dissatisfaction occurs, you talk, we listen and hopefully we provide a solution that works for you, period. I am able to provide the time it takes to handle these matters properly because they simply don’t happen very often on warranty of our work. I work hard on the front end of our business so that the tail end goes smoothly!

New York Law Has an Impact on Warranty:

New Your has many laws to protect both the consumer and the Warranty agency that performs Warranty for the Manufacturer. Most notably, a few rules exist on what a service contract to a service provider must provide to the service provider. If these rules are not followed, they are not allowed to sell in New York State. I have had Manufacturers tell me " Who is going to enforce that?" My response, I will for me, remove me from your service center list, I want no part of improper warranty coverage. Another fact little known is that the Owner's Manual that was supplied with the purchase is THE WARRANTY TERMS PERIOD. An improved statement of better warranty only applies if your owner's manual states such, or if in the company review of the details they decide to extend a better warranty by choice. It is also not uncommon for the Service Dealer's contract to be different than the warranty statement of the Owner's manual, leading the Warranty determination less than your purchased warranty. This would be corrected by an Owner's challenge or if the Service Center makes the challenge as having been informed of the difference. There also should be no shipping charges on parts to perform repairs, but invoices charge the Service Center, and often there is no way on the Warranty filling method to incorporate such a charge, so the customer is billed the charges, or the parts came from stock and the factory tries to negate the shipping charges based on no details.

These and other issues occur on most all warranties. Here we are aware of most of the games played, aware of the Company we are dealing with based on records of warranties in the past and how things are done. We are authorized for over 100 companies for warranty. I do this for two reasons:
1) To support my customers.
2) To gain new customers.

Warranty is difficult and hardly profitable, the profit for us is customer satisfaction and gaining a new customer to make happy. This however must be proceeded by each customer understanding we have a bill for the work I do, and the factory makes the determination of what they will pay for the warranty. What the factory pays, if anything, is what a customer gets refunded. For this reason, all care is given to present a situation fairly and present the prospects to the customer and dutifully pursue the best warranty return we can perform honestly.